Terms and Conditions for epee.dk v1.0

The following terms apply at epee.dk as of 1 January 2019 and replace any previous version of these terms and conditions.

1. Subscription

A fch.epee.dk subscription provides access to the use of fch.epee.dk's web site.

Subscription periods last for 12 months at a time. 30 days before a 12-month subscription period, the subscription is automatically prolonged, unless the subscription is cancelled as stated in section 1.4.

Free subscriptions are automatically prolonged at the end of the free subscription period unless the subscription is cancelled as stated in section 1.5.

In relationships between consumer and retailer, a right of withdrawal exists by which the customer has the right of withdrawing an order until 14 days after placing the order. For a faster delivery of the product, epee.dk will usually begin the manufacturing and customizing of the product as soon as the order is received. By ordering, the customer accepts that any right of withdrawal will be dismissed as soon as epee.dk has started processing the ordered product.

1.1 Use

Subscribers are not permitted to store large amounts of data on the server without prior agreement with epee.dk.

Illegal material is not permitted on any of epee.dk's sites, whether this be images, film clips, other types of files or link to unlawful photos or similar material. For example, unlawful material is, but not limited to, copyright protected material or other material you are not entitled to publish or store according to legislation. Nor is it permitted to store erotic, pornographic or other offensive material on servers owned by epee.dk. It is entirely epee.dk's decision to determine whether material belongs to one or more of the above categories, and the company reserves the right to delete any such material at any time without notice. In the event of such material being deleted the customer cannot advance any claim against epee.dk related to the deletion.

Traffic is basically unlimited. However, traffic must be normal in nature and not disrupt that of other customers. If a customer's traffic disrupts that of others, epee.dk reserves the right to close the customer's account without notice and/or make a separate charge for the traffic. epee.dk reserves the absolute right to decide whether or not traffic is excessive. On closure of a subscription, no refund will be made of any subscription paid in advance.

Unwanted (spam) mail must not be sent from epee.dk's servers. In the event of transgression of this rule, epee.dk reserves the right to inform the relevant authority and submit log details etc. to that authority. epee.dk reserves the right to demand payment for time spent in relation to such information and its submission to the relevant authority.

1.2 Operational reliability

epee.dk reserves the right to limit/reduce the usage of products if required for operational or security reasons. For reasons of operation and security, epee.dk also reserves the right to access customers' user data. In such event, the staff of epee.dk will be subject to professional secrecy. All other access to user data requires the acceptance of the customer or a court order.

1.3 Responsibility

The customer's use of a epee.dk subscription is entirely at his/her own risk. epee.dk cannot be held responsible for the contents, including accuracy, lawfulness, completeness etc. of the information which the customer sends via the Internet.

epee.dk is liable in accordance with applicable law, subject to the following limitations:

In all cases, regardless of the cause, epee.dk's total liability for loss or damage is limited to the amount paid by the customer to epee.dk in the year in which the loss or damage occurred.

1.4 Cancellation of subscriptions

A subscription can be cancelled at any time by the customer. Since the subscription period lasts for 12 months and is automatically prolonged 30 days before the end of each 12-month period, a cancellation must be received by epee.dk 30 days before the 12-month subscription period, at the latest. The unused portion of any advance payment will not be refunded. If the cancellation is not sent to epee.dk in time, the customer is obliged to pay the subscription fee for the following 12-month period.


If the subscription was ordered January 1st 2019 the subscription lasts until December 31st 2019. If the customer does not wish to continue the subscription for the following year (2030), the subscription must be cancelled before November 30, 2018.

If epee.dk chooses to terminate specific subscription types or special services, epee.dk may cancel a subscription with one month's notice. In such circumstances, the unused portion of any advance payment will as an exception be refunded. If epee.dk makes significant changes which depreciate the Terms and Conditions, customers shall be entitled to cancel their subscriptions with one month's notice. The unused portion of any advance payment will also, as an exception, be refunded.

The subscription must in no way be used to gain unauthorised access to systems connected to the Internet. If any such activities or criminal acts come to the notice of epee.dk, regardless of the country the laws of which underlie the violation, the subscription will be immediately terminated and epee.dk reserves the right to pass on all relevant information to the relevant authorities. epee.dk also has the right to annul a subscription without notice with immediate effect and without compensation or reimbursement of any kind if the customer does not abide by these Terms and Conditions, if a party wastes or abuses resources available on the Internet, disrupts the functionality of the Internet, infringes netiquette valid at any given moment, e.g. by passing on information about other people's private affairs or in other ways inconveniencing other users of the Internet.

1.5 Cancellation of free subscriptions

A free subscription can be cancelled at any time by the customer.

2. General

Subscribers to epee.dk's products must be minimum 18 years of age.

2.1 Product & Privacy Policy

When subscribing to our services you are also bound by our Product & Privacy Policy: privacypolicy.html

2.2 Using fch.epee.dk as a data processor

If you store personal data on our servers, epee.dk will be acting as data processor for this information. As our customer, you are the data controller for this data and will be bound by the Data Processor Agreement with us. Our Data Processor Agreement can be found here: dataprocessoragreement.html

2.3 Contact

Questions regarding support, sales and accounting are answered 24/7 via e-mail within 24 hours, as far as this is possible. epee.dk does not provide contact by telephone.


2.4 Address information

Customers are required to inform epee.dk of their current place of residence and email address. This is to be done via the web site, on which address information can be changed.

2.5 Payment of subscriptions

Subscriptions are paid - regardless of subscription type - in advance for a period of 12 months. Payment in advance will not be refunded unless otherwise expressly stately elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

2.6 Terms of payment

When sending an invoice by mail, epee.dk reserves the right to charge a fee covering the costs. epee.dk's products/services are specially adapted to the customer's requirements, who in return does not have the right to annul the contract. Terms of payment are without exception eight days in cash, unless special agreement has been reached. If the customer has not paid the amount due within ten days of the date of payment, interest will be payable (without prior notice) from the date of payment, in pursuance of current valid interest legislation. A EUR 12.00 reminder fee will also be charged per interest invoice. epee.dk reserves the right to transfer claims to a third party, and epee.dk can also annul the contract and delete the customer's content with immediate effect on late payment should it so choose.

When refunding any payment, epee.dk reserves the right to debit an amount covering the bank-fees and administration costs concerning the refund.

2.7 Duration of subscription

A subscription is active until it is cancelled by one of the parties involved in pursuance of the above conditions.

2.8 Changes to subscriptions

A subscription can be changed to a higher-priced subscription type at any time. Any subscription fee already paid will be deducted from the price of the new subscription. Changes to a lower-priced subscription type can only be effected from the end of a subscription period, and only if the customer has given notice of this at least 60 days before the expiry of the current subscription period.

2.9 Transfer

In connection with the sale or other transfer of all or significant portions of epee.dk's activities or assets, epee.dk has the right wholly or partly to transfer to a third party the customer's subscription(s), as well as epee.dk's rights and obligations according to the Terms and Conditions without the customer's consent.

2.10 Changes in conditions

epee.dk's sales and delivery conditions can be changed at 45 days' notice.

2.11 Third party malfunctions and force majeure

Apart the above, epee.dk cannot be held liable for damages when interruptions, malfunctions, damage etc. is out of epee.dk's control. This includes lightning, flooding, fire, war, acts of terror, industrial action and lockouts (including among epee.dk's own staff), overloading of the Internet, malfunctions in other networks, third party malfunctions, system breakdowns, or other form of force majeure.

2.12 Complaints procedure

A complaint about a product or service purchased from epee.dk may be submitted to the European Commission's online dispute resolution portal: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. By filing a complaint, please provide our email address: fch@epee.dk.

2.13 Venue and choice of law

Any disputes and discrepancies will be decided exclusively by the ordinary Danish courts and in pursuance of Danish law (with the exception of rules of Danish law pertaining to choice of law).