Privacy Policies

Handling of personal data

Why Customer Privacy matters to

The customer’s right to privacy is of great importance to recognizes that when a customer chooses to provide with personal information and data, the customer places confidence in our ability to handle customer privacy in a responsible manner. acting as data controller acts as data controller for you as our customer, and for any personal information you provide upon registering to and using our service. We have the responsibility as data controller for this information.

We refer to our Privacy Notice for info on our collection and use of your personal data. acting as data processor

If you store personal information on our servers will act as data processor for this information. As our customer, you are the data controller for this data and will need a Data Processor Agreement (DPA) with us.

Here you can find our Data Processing Agreement which will apply to all our customers in the European Union that are using us to process personal data.

Together with our updated privacy policies, this will be the foundation you need when processing personal data on our systems.

Note that if you only use our services for processing of personal data for purely personal or household activities and you are a natural individual then the EU Privacy Regulation does not apply to you and you do not need a DPA.

We encourage you to keep your personal details updated

The customer can help to improve the effectiveness and quality of service by keeping notified of any changes to the customer’s name, address, phone number or email address. The customer can do this by updating the customer’s personal details when logged into